Meet the "Fabulous Five,” a family of sweet Maltese who were severely neglected over the course of their long lives. They went without critical veterinary care for far too long, and desperately needed our help.

These poor dogs have suffered for years. Brutus has a badly broken leg and paw that was never treated. Sunshine is sadly missing a back paw. Chunky has a fractured jaw that never healed. Lucky suffers from severe dental disease and allergies ... and Angel has a painful hernia and mammary tumors.

Please show these courageous dogs some TLC this Valentine’s Day by making a gift to the SPCA of Westchester. Your donation will help us care for and rehabilitate the "Fabulous Five," who are very deserving of a second chance at a happy life. 

When you give today to the SPCA, we will proudly post your name on our special Wall of Hearts as a way of thanking you for supporting these five resilient little seniors! Thank you for showing your dedication and love to the many animals who need our help all year round. We are so grateful for you!