Sometimes, finding loving families for the animals at our care campus is easy. But some animals have sadly been mistreated and need help learning to trust again. Others have been so severely neglected that they need extra training and socialization so they can build up their confidence.

For these animals, the way home is a longer, more complicated path.

Our special program, The Way Home – started by famed NHL coach John Tortorella and his wife Christine – offers
special training activities for these dogs rescued by the SPCA to improve their chances of being adopted. Last year alone, 127 dogs found loving, new homes because they received the extra enrichment they so desperately needed.  Right now, all gifts will be matched – up to $5,000 – to help give animals with special challenges a better chance at a forever home.

The Way Home offers daily play groups, socialization walks, one-on-one training sessions, nose work, canine puzzles, therapy dog training and more. It also allows us to complete follow-up training in the new homes of program graduates.

Frodo, who is pictured above above with is new mom and dad, took 599 days (that's almost 2 years!) to find "his way home," but he finally did and found a wonderful family. For many animals, this program is the key to a full, happy life outside of the SPCA. 

When you make a gift today, it will be doubled by John and Christine and go to work immediately to help our many animals like Beto (pictured below), a shy but sweet young terrier and Liam Neeson (pictured to the right above), a bulldog with a heart of gold ... both of whom need special training to properly prepare them for life outside of the shelter.

We are so grateful to the Tortorellas for their commitment to finding homes for our animals. Please take advantage of this very special gift match by making a donation to The Way Home program today.