SPCA of Westchester has an animal shelter.


Regardless of how long it may take, the SPCA is committed to caring for all adoptable animals until a loving, new home can be found. In 2018 our shelter introduced nearly 1,300 animals to their forever homes. We returned more than 100 lost animals to their grateful families. The SPCA contracts with 12 municipalities to accept delivery of their stray cats and dogs for return to owners or to arrange for adoption. Lost dogs and cats remain at the shelter for at least eight days before becoming available for adoption.

The SPCA has a full-time Director of Behavior and Enrichment for the purpose of promoting activities and training that help animals thrive in the shelter environment and learn skills that prepare them for life with a forever family. Through the generosity of the John and Christine Tortorella Foundation, the SPCA began a program, The Way Home, which offers special training, encouragement and enrichment activities to dogs with behavioral challenges to improve their chances of being adopted. In 2018, 126 dogs were adopted out into loving new homes through this special program.