Help Heal Our Sweet Boy, Polo


Four-month old Polo appears to have a Superman complex, though his attempt to leap from a piece of furniture resulted in a fractured leg, causing him extreme pain. Sadly, because Polo’s family could not afford the necessary surgery, they brought him to a local animal hospital to have him euthanized.

The animal hospital called the SPCA of Westchester and asked us to take in this sweet Morkie (a Maltese and Yorkie mix), and of course we said yes. This little guy will need orthopedic surgery, followed by extensive rehabilitation. Once he recuperates, we will find Polo a safe, loving forever home.

Help fund Polo's surgery and save the lives of other animals like him.

Polo will get the needed surgery and aftercare thanks to our Mend A Friend Fund: a lifesaving initiative that helps sick or injured animals in need, making it possible for them to receive special surgery or veterinary treatments beyond the scope of our Simpson Clinic.

Your gift today will help bolster our Mend A Friend Fund so that we can continue to save these animals and give them a chance at a new beginning.