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Foster Homes Needed for Orphaned Kittens

Substitute mama catThe SPCA of Westchester is in dire need of families to bottle feed orphaned kittens. At this time of year we are inundated with kittens. "It's first of all the natural rhythm for kittens to be born in the spring and summer, but the problem is often compounded by well-meaning individuals who frequently find litters of cats and assume they have been abandoned by the mother, when in fact she just may be off looking for food. As a result, right now we have many litters of orphaned kittens who need to be bottle nursed."

Taking care of the kittens is approximately a six-week commitment. It requires keeping the kittens warm, clean and dry, and, depending upon the age of the kitten, bottle feeding them every three to four hours. The shelter supplies bottles and formula replacement. Volunteers can expect to receive from two to four kittens. At six weeks of age, when they are ready for their first shots, they can usually come off the bottle and transition to regular food. At that time they will be returned to the shelter, altered and put up for adoption. To volunteer, contact the SPCA at (914) 941-2896, extension 12 or come down to the shelter to fill out an application.

Gingine wants her milk!

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