King was rushed to the SPCA for emergency life-saving care after being dumped and left for dead in Mount Vernon. His condition is deplorable ... it's absolutely heartbreaking.

This sweet boy is skin and bones, covered in wounds – old and new. Poor King had clearly been attacked numerous times and left to fend for himself, with no proper medical care or food.

If he'd gone a few more days in this condition, he simply wouldn’t have survived. And yet his tail never stops wagging as he solicits attention and affection from everyone he meets

A dog King's size should weigh around 70 pounds ... sadly, he only weighs in at a mere 35 pounds. King is currently receiving IV fluids, special cleanings for his wounds, antibiotics to prevent the spread of infection and 24/7 care with our veterinary staff. He is also being given nutritional supplements and special food to help him regain his strength. 

Please show your love and support of King by donating today to our Mend a Friend Fund. Every life matters and is worth saving. King should never have to worry again or be scared - he deserves to live a life where he'll always have a warm bed, yummy food and a loving family to keep him happy and safe!

Thank you in advance for your generosity and for playing a vital role in King's care and recovery.