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Become a Shelter Angel!
Become a Shelter Angel!

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GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!
GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

Click above to read information about cruelty issues and what YOU can do!

Donate your car!
Donate your vehicle to the SPCA and get a tax write off. Donate cars, trucks, vans, RVs or boats. Free pickup!
Call 800.818.7089

We rely on the generosity of the public not only to keep the SPCA running according to the highest and most humane standards, but to make improvements as well. For example, we added a large fenced yard for our dogs, which gives them the opportunity to leave their runs and play. We also added a spacious cattery to give cats a chance to socialize with other cats and exercise in a more natural setting. These improvements are a tremendous step forward in improving the quality of Shelter animals' lives. We have many more plans and we need your help. Many corporations offer matching gift programs that can double and even triple your gifts to the SPCA! Be sure to check with your personnel or community affairs office. And if you can't make a monetary donation, perhaps you can donate some everyday items (listed on our Wish List below).

Here's how you can help:

Pet Sponsorship Program:
Some of our animals are more difficult to place than others. They may be old and infirm, have a disability or a chronic health problem, or may be just a little too energetic for most tastes. But they all deserve some special attention. Won't you PLEASE consider sponsoring one of our animals? Click here to go to our sponsorship page for more information! We thank you, and the animals thank you!

Not prepared to sponsor one of our pets monthly? Click on the credit card image to the right to make a one-time donation to the SPCA!
  • $50 trains one Shelter animal for an outreach program
  • $200 spays or neuters four of our animals
  • $500 rehabilitates two abused animals
  • $1000 feeds all the homeless animals at the Shelter for one week
Of course, any amount you can afford to donate is greatly appreciated. Just click the VISA/MASTERCARD logo above to make a donation in any amount you wish, or you can click below to earmark funds for one of our specific projects.

Honor or Remember a Special Pet or Person

If you have a special pet, or person, you would like to honor or remember, please send us some information and a photo, if you would like to have them remembered on this webpage. We request a donation to include a pet or person here. Additionally, if you would like to make a donation to honor or remember a special person or pet, we would be happy to send an acknowledgement of this to their family. Please use the optional space within our Honor/Memory Donation page to include an address where we can send this notice, as well as the person or pet's name.

Donate a Vehicle:
Donate your vehicle to the SPCA and get a tax write off. Donate cars, trucks, vans, RVs or boats. There is even free pickup! Just call 800.818.7089.

Mend A Friend:
The SPCA of Westchester has set up an emergency fund to help animals that come in to our shelter who are in need of special veterinary care. The "Mend A Friend" fund allows the SPCA to help save the lives of homeless animals in need, making it possible for them to receive special surgery or expensive veterinary treatments. Read about our current animals in need.

Humane Education:
The SPCA has a special fund set up to sustain our Humane Education program. A contribution to the Janet Greenspan Memorial Outreach Fund is an investment in helping to raise a kinder generation of kids who will learn to speak out for animals and for others who cannot speak for themselves. Please call (914) 941-2896 ext. 19 to learn more about contributions to the Janet Greenspan Memorial Outreach Fund.

Insuring the Future:
Many of us have life insurance policies that were purchased years ago for a specific reason. Maybe you had young children and needed to provide for them in case anything happened to you. As with all important documents, you should review your life insurance policies regularly to make sure that they are still serving their purpose, appropriate for your current situation, and with the right beneficiary named. Perhaps you have a policy that is no longer needed. Did you know you can give that policy to the SPCA of Westchester? This is a great way to help the animals without affecting your current income or emergency savings. And it's easy to do. Your insurance professional or the insurance company directly can get the appropriate forms for you!

Planned Giving:
The SPCA of Westchester would not be able to continue its mission without the generous support it receives from Trusts and Estates each year. A bequest in your Will can be a simple and extremely effective way to make a gift to the SPCA. You can designate the SPCA of Westchester as the direct beneficiary of a specific asset, of a portion of your estate or of the residue of your estate after payment of other bequests. You can also memorialize a gift and provide support for a program or facility that will honor your special person. Click here to download a version of our Planned Giving Brochure, or contact us for more information.

Special donations:

Cat Habitat Maintenance for one year ............$500.00
Your pledge will pay for the sheltering, care and medical procedures for the cat(s) that live in this area for one year. Each sponsor will have a personalized plaque hung on the Cat Habitat at the shelter.

Dog Run Maintenance for one year ..............$1,000.00
Your pledge will pay for the sheltering, care and medical procedures for the dog(s) that live in this run over one year. Each sponsor will have a personalized plaque hung on a Run at the shelter.

Cat Habitat - houses 4 cats ........................$5,000.00
Your pledge enables the SPCA to purchase one state-of-the-art "Cat Condo" for four cats. This "Cat Condo" has four spacious bi-level units, each with a separate kitty box area. This new design allows cats more freedom of movement and privacy as well as ease of cleaning.

Click Here to view our Wish List items

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