Adoption Process and Applications

adopt Unless noted differently on an animals Petfinder page within the bio, you can come in anytime during our hours to meet and/or adopt! All animals are spay/neutered, current on vaccines and microchipped prior to adoption. Our hours are Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm and Sunday's 1pm-4pm. No appointment is necessary. Our adoptions are first come, first serve based on the status of your application. Please note, we do NOT hold animals except in special circumstances when our trainer feels a particular dog or puppy requires more than one meet and greet, such as with some of our "Trainer Adoptions." We do not accept deposits in advance.

If you have discussed coming in to meet an animal or have an approved application on file, this does not guarantee that you will get that particular animal. All potential adopters must be approved before taking an animal out for a meet and greet. If you have a dog or dogs at home, they must meet the dog you are interested in adopting before the adoption can be finalized. If you do not bring your dog(s) to meet, we can not hold the dog you are interested in adopting. 

It may be a good idea to bring a copy of your current pet(s) vaccination records (if you currently have a dog or cat or did within the last 2 years) and a copy of your lease if you rent or own a condo/co-op/townhouse, in case we are unable to get hold of your Veterinarian or Landlord/Management Company by phone that day.  

In most cases, we do same day adoptions pending approval, however some dogs that are listed as a "Trainer Adoption" MAY require more than one visit before finalizing the adoption, but not always. What is a Trainer Adoption? The overwhelming nature of a shelter can make it hard for some dogs to connect with potential adopters in one visit. Dogs that need a few visits to get to know and connect with people are listed on Petfinder as Trainer Adoptions. Adopters who are interested in a Trainer Adoption dog will spend time with our trainer to learn all about he or she, about the specific training that's been done at the shelter, how to continue that training for a smooth transition to home, and what that dog needs to be successful. And in most cases, the entire family is required to meet the dog you are interested in potentially adopting to ensure he or she is a good fit for everyone. Learn more about the many activities and training programs we provide for our shelter animals to help ready them for their new homes by clicking here.
"Trainer Adoption" dogs are listed as “adoption pending” once an interested adopter has met with our trainer and expressed continued interest in the dog. This ensures that no other adopters can supersede the getting-to-know you process. Applications may still be submitted by others for dogs marked “adoption pending,” in case the pending adoption does not work out.  If you have any questions or to learn more, email

If a dog is not considered a "Trainer Adoption, in most cases the dog can be adopted the same day. Please email us at or call us at (914) 941-2896 ext. 11 to find out if the dog(s) you are interested in has any restrictions or special requirements prior to arrival.

All animals adopted from the SPCA come with a free Veterinarian check-up from a participating Vet to be used within 7 days of the adoption. The list of Vets can be found in your adoption packet. This free Veterinarian exam does not cover a fecal exam or blood work or any tests/procedures. It's simply an examination. If for any reason within the first 30 days of your adoption you think your newly adopted animal is sick (based on your observation or your Veterinarian's findings) please call our SPCA Simpson Clinic immediately to set up an appointment at (914) 941-2896 ext. 10. If something pre-existing is found during your appointment at our SPCA Clinic, we will cover the cost of the exam free of charge, including any medication needed. We will not however reimburse for outside tests, exams, medications or procedures at a different Veterinarian. 

If for some reason your newly adopted animal is not the best match for you we require that the animal is returned to the SPCA. We do ask that you call in advance to give us notice. There may be a turn-in fee of $50 for a kitten/cat and $100 for a puppy/dog that you are returning if it is AFTER 30 days since the adoption date. If you return an animal to the SPCA within 30 days of your adoption we will give you a credit for a new animal which must be used within 60 days of the date of the return.

Our trainer can be reached at who may be able to assist you before making the decision to return the animal. We do not reimburse adoption fees (even if an animal is returned the next day) UNLESS within 48 hours of the adoption, upon examination by a Veterinarian, the animal is determined to be in poor health and the SPCA if notified within that time frame and the animal returned.

Animals For Adoption

Adoption Fees are as follow:

-Adult Dogs over 1 year: $225 - $375
-Puppies 1 year and under: $375
-Lonely Heart Dogs: $85
-Adult Cats: $75 - $150
-Kittens: $150
-Two Kittens: $275
-Lonely Heart Cats: $65